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Friday, December 16, 2011

About Me

Hi there, I'm Emily. Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I thought this post should be an introduction.

At your service!

I'm 25 and living in Vero Beach, FL. I grew up about an hour from here, and then lived in North Florida for 6 years, and ended up in Vero this year with my parents to save some money. I work from home as a virtual assistant and an Etsy shop owner.

When I combined households with my parents, we ended up with 6 dogs and a cat! It's quite noisy around here. The cat's name is Hannah and she has six toes on each paw!

The dogs:
Benny: border collie/smooth collie
Banjo: basset hound/yellow lab
Blake: shepherd mix
Bailey: black lab/pit
Brodie: wirehair fox terrier
Romeo: chihuahua

I plan to blog about random things like DIY crafts & tutorials, fashion, hairstyles, pets, beauty/makeup reviews & tutorial, Etsy promotions & giveaways, and anything else that strikes my fancy!


Left to right: Benny, Banjo, Blake. Brodie's in the back!

Hannah the 6 toed cat

Bailey: the grumpy one

Romeo as a puppy

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  1. hi, cute purple in pink. J love ur blog and pets...^0^
    Hope you doing very well on Etsy.
    This my blog

    Have a wonderful New Year